TEXTILES - Customized Solutions 

With the advent of textiles in India, it has become one of the biggest manufacturing industries in the market contributing a significant share in the GDP. We help fulfill the need for specialty chemical products for the textile industry, using the services of our full-fledged laboratories.
Textiles are used in every sector of the economy in India and. A nation-wide distribution network ensures a constant interaction with end customers which is adequately supported with the help of our adept and knowledgeable staff and sales force. An efficient manufacturing unit along with technologically driven products allows enables us to offer highly innovative and customised solutions to our valuable customers.
We offer our solutions to consumers directly/ through delaers and are also open to exclusive synergies/ technology tie- ups with reputable companies.

Product Range

  • Pre – treatment chemicals
  • Binders
  • Thickeners
  • Dyeing Auxiliaries
  • Sizing / De–sizing


Sr No. Drums Bulk
1 HMHOPE BARRELS - 50 KGS, 120 KGS, 245 KGS ISO Tanks - As per customer requirement


Essacryl® NS

Anionic acrylic co- polymer. Dispersing agent in dyeing. Washing off for reactive dyeing.

Dispersing agent and protective colloid in the dyeing of cotton and cotton/synthetic fiber blends with vat, reactive, direct and sulfur dyes. Non-foaming and non-retarding. Prevents the separation and filtering-out of the impurities from the cotton (pectins, waxes, water hardness salts) and of the dye adducts formed with these impurities. In printing, Essacryl™ NS is used for washing off reactive prints.

Essacryl® ASR

Universal after soaping agent for reactive dyes.

Universal after soaping agent for removing unfixed reactive dye from cellulosic materials. Amphoteric. It allows for shorter process results in significant saving in time, water, and energy. The product also allows a lower soaping temperature.


Essacryl® Bin ET Eco

APEO/NPEO free aqueous dispersion of an acrylic copolymer. Binder for solvent-free and solvent-based pigment printing. The prints have excellent fastness properties and a soft handle.

Essacryl™ Bin ET-ECO permits the production of prints in an ecologically safe way. The binder extends excellent standard of fastness, including fastness to dry cleaning. The binder is used in direct printing and also in discharge and resist printing. Prints produced with Essacryl™ Bin ET-ECO have a pleasingly soft handle, excellent fastness and are resistant to aging. Essacryl™ Bin ET-ECO has only a very slight influence on the viscosity of synthetic thickeners.

Essacryl® PO

For soft printing with superior fastness properties.

Essacryl™ PSO is a readymade aqueous printing paste designed for printing aqueous pigment dispersions on textile fabrics. It gives excellent all round fastness comparable with reactive prints with pleasant soft handle.

Essacryl® Bin TOW/ OT

Thermally crosslinkable aqueous acrylate dispersion (APEO free).

Binder for pigment prints that are fast to dry-cleaning having extremely soft handle excellent all-around fastness and very high rubbing fastness. Used in Soft Print recipe.

Essacryl® Bin KTN /KIN

Acrylate-based pigment printing binder with very transparent and flexible film properties. The prints are brilliant & fast to dry cleaning, have a pleasantly soft handle and possess good all-round fastness properties.


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Essacryl® AC

Water-soluble polyacrylate. Sizing agent for cotton yarn.

This sizing agent helps in the coating and gives strength to the yarn for the weaving process. Sizing agent for warp yarns composed of cellulosic fibers and polyester/cellulosic fiber blends. Suitable for sizing of terry towels and surgical fabrics.

Essacryl® PS

Water soluble polyacrylate. Sizing agent.

Sizing agent for warp yarns composed of cellulosic fibers and polyester/cellulosic fiber blends. Suitable for high-speed shuttleless looms and dyed yarn.


Essacryl® Fix C

Dye - Fixing agent.

Aqueous solution of a cationic polymer, formaldehyde-free After-treatment agent for improving the wet and water fastness properties of reactive and direct dyeing and prints.