Corporate social responsibility, often abbreviated "CSR," is a corporation's initiatives to assess and take responsibility for the company's effects on environmental and social wellbeing. Our culture of giving back flows from the tradition of nation and community building sowed more than three decades ago, by our founder.

Esters and Solvents LLP strong believes in the principles of CSR from the day it began operations. We believe in building on our business ethics, to also include social ethics when it comes to handling precious resources which are present in the world and also not to create a harmful social environment. We work through our workforce of socially acceptable principles to create a group of individuals who are not only driven in bringing the company forward but also help in the bringing the community together and giving back to society in ways beyond business and work.

Esters and Solvents LLP works on the nation and community building principle which helps them use environmental friendly way of procuring raw material, their processes which create the least waste while production and environmentally friendly way of disseminating this. Our company’s social activities also relate to health, primary education, skills training and entrepreneurship, livelihoods, women empowerment and strengthening services for the differently-abled.


Health Care

As a growing and completely independent business in the chemical industry, we believe it is our responsibility to give back to the society what it has given to us. We follow this principle in our process handling of production, and we follow this while considering our response to the poor and needy. For this purpose, we have a special program introduced to provide healthcare for the poor of the society especially the ones who live in the slums in and around Mumbai and the satellite city of Navi Mumbai. We provide free treatment of any disease and proper surgical care when undergoing the various medical procedure.

Our focus areas with regard to health care are:

  • Cancer Care
  • Care for the blind

We provide funds for the two causes and are tied up with certain NGO’s that help us execute our cause.

If you would like to help us minimize these problems, please do contact us. We would love for you to jointly work with us to give back to our society.



We undertake our responsibility towards the society with utmost urgency and help educate the economically backward students in the society with care. We understand that we have a responsibility to educate those whose future we can secure through education and help them build a better tomorrow when it comes to working. That is why we provide free education to the poor who live in city and border areas of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. We help them improve their standing in society, helping them bring forward through technical and formal education.

We understand the need to help the poor and tribal students who wouldn’t be able to provide for their needs and help them live a life of respectability which can bring the best out of them and help safeguard their future.


First Aid

Esters and Solvents LLP believes that first aid plays an important role in the wellbeing of our team. We undergo first aid training every quarter to ensure that the workforce is well trained in all safety measures and can respond to accidents, if any, with speed and care.

We have an Emergency Response Team (ERT) and also a designated team of first aiders who are trained to lead the charge in case any incident takes place.


Fire & Safety Training

Esters and Solvents LLP believes that prevention is better than cure. Being a chemical manufacturing unit it is our upmost priority to ensure the safety of our workforce by preventing any accidents related to fire and chemical spills from taking place.

We undergo fire and safety training for our workforce every quarter to make sure we are up to date with all the latest procedures for safety and to ensure that we use modern safety equipment in our daily activities.

We have an Emergency Response Team (ERT) trained in basic firefighting who are trained to lead the charge in case any incident takes place.


Water Conservation

We believe that water is the most precious gift of nature to us and conserving it is the key to sustainable living.

We make sure we minimize the use of water by having press and push water taps so that no taps are left opened, recycle used water to provide water to plants, replacing equipment with more water efficient equipment, making sure that there is no water loss in our cooling towers, etc.

Rain water harvesting is a practice we have been following for over a decade now. Rain water is the purest form of water. Navi Mumbai being a coastal city is blessed with a good monsoon. We bank on this and store all the rain water, treat it for production and then finally use it throughout our premises and for production.