LEATHER – A Passion for Leather

We are one of the first few manufacturers of leather chemicals in the country and have been in the market for over three decades. Our experience and knowledge base has helped us throughout this journey.

The Indian leather industry accounts for around 12.93 per cent of the world’s leather production of hides/skins. The country ranks second in terms of footwear and leather garments production in the world and accounts for 9.57 per cent of the world’s footwear production. India’s leather industry has grown drastically, transforming from a mere raw material supplier to a value-added product exporter. Total leather and leather good exports from India stood at US$ 1.42 billion during April-June 2017 as against $1.43 billion in the corresponding quarter of last year. Per capita footwear consumption in India is expected to increase up to four pairs, while domestic footwear consumption is expected to reach up to five billion pairs by 2020.

Commitment to quality has always been top priority enabling us to offer a wide range of superior products for this industry.Our strong values of integrity, quality, trust and transparency have helped us serve some of the best leather chemicals companies in the world.

In the leather industry, we do NOT sell directly in the market place or through dealers. However, we have been associated with and are open to partnering with reputable companies to make their products for them. This synergy allows us to manufacture technologically superior and commercially economical products.

Our equipment is designed as per global standards enabling us to manufacture almost the entire range of leather chemicals. Products that we can manufacture and are manufacturing include:

Product Range

Beam house chemicals
  • Liming and de- liming agents
  • Degreasing agents
  • Pickling agents
  • Wetting agents
  • Acrylic binders – soft and medium binders
  • Casein binders
  • Compact binders
  • Polyurethane / PU binders
Fat liquors
  • Synthetic fat liquors
  • Semi Synthetic fat liquors
  • Vegetable fat liquors
  • Ester based fat liquors
  • Fish Oil based fat liquors
  • Lanolin based fat liquors
  • Water based lacquers
  • Solvent based lacquers
  • Water – Solvents lacquers
  • Water – Matt lacquers
  • Solvent – Matt lacquers
  • CABS Lacquers
Synthetic tanning agents / Syntans
  • High performance Acrylic Stains for tanning, re-tanning and chrome tanning.