We at Esters & Solvents, strive to constantly evolve by upgrading our technology and keeping up with the latest processes. Our unique “quick-change” processes and computerized production methods are the key to a modernized operating unit, which are specifically suited to meet our clients’ requirements and product specifications.

Incoming Raw Material

We use raw materials which are of the highest grade when it comes to specialty esters and performance chemicals. We also try and use eco-friendly raw materials, where ever possible in order to develop eco-friendly chemicals, keeping in mind our environment. Once raw materials are delivered to us, they are sent to our QA lab for a through quality check. 

Quality Check

We have an independent quality check system which is in place when it comes to testing raw materials and finished goods. Raw materials are tested as per global norms and ISO standards.  We understand the need for better products hence our products undergo stringent and all-encompassing tests which lead to better results. Once approved, they are sent to the RM warehouse. 


When it comes to storing our raw materials/ finished products when they are approved, we use our clean and spacious warehouse for storage.  We make sure that our products are always kept under monitoring to make sure there is no tampering of the chemical products. Raw materials to be used for manufacturing stored according to the production plan. Finished products on the other hand, are packed and stored in a cool area before they are dispatched. 


Once the products are stored in warehouse, they are transferred to the production unit, which will help in the process of building the right chemical products. We use advanced technology and updated methods of production, while our engineers closely monitor how the product is produced for your consumption. Our manufacturing facility is geared up with the latest equipment in order to produce high quality customizable products. 


Once the products are produced they undergo a stage of packing. Material is transferred from the vessel to drums/ tanks after which labelling is done. Quality of packing is closely monitored by our supervisors. We understand that the packing is built on different principles when it comes to delivery and safety of use. Thus we take extra care during this activity, making sure nothing leaks or breaks in transit. 


This is the most important stage post production. Being an ISO certified company, we ensure that standard operating protocol is always maintained and correct documentation is made and sent to our customers. We do not dispatch goods without correct and complete documentation. 

Pre-Dispatch Check

When it comes to pre-dispatch, we follow all the necessary checks as per protocol. We follow a process of checking which involves checking for all documentation required for dispatch, test analysis report, quantity weighment, correct labelling, transporters documentation and cleanliness check. Once all these parameters are in check, we initiate dispatch. 


Once the pre-dispatch process has been done, we coordinate with the logistics team and delivery company to make sure all the codes and rules have been followed to create the right delivery mechanism for your product.

Esters and Solvents LLP is an ISO certified, Indian company and is one of the leading manufacturers of esters/ solvents and specialty chemicals.


Manufacturing Facility

Esters and Solvents LLP has a well-equipped and modern manufacturing facility, which enables us to carry out bulk production. We have a multi purpose plant designed to manufacture both, performance chemicals as well as specialty esters. This helps us to provide a basket of products/ solutions to our valuable customers. Our plant is designed in a way to maximize efficiency and produce high quality products. Safety is a key element in our unit and we ensure that all machinery is maintained and good are produced keeping in mind safety protocol. This enables us to produce premium and economical products while keeping in mind safety protocol.


We have a well-designed storage facility made up of storage tanks, drum racks and large shelves which help us store raw materials. This provides us the leverage to deliver finished goods on time even during challenging times.

QA & QC Labs

Delivering quality products is our utmost priority. We have a well-equipped and modern quality control laboratory with trained chemists, to ensure that the testing of both incoming raw materials and outgoing finished goods takes place efficiently and accurately. The quality of each product is maintained according to the customer’s specification and criteria. We make no compromises in terms of quality deviation and always strive to be up to date with the latest testing methods so as to ensure that we deliver technically strong products.  

R & D Lab

The R&D unit is an integral part of our facility. It is the policy of Esters and Solvents LLP to constantly carry out research and developmental work on new as well as existing products, ensuring efficient and economical solutions to our customers. We have a fully equipped R&D laboratory with modern equipment and a R&D team to help develop new products .We have small systems of 2 liters, 5 liters & 10 liters in which we can carry out various reactions for the development of new products. This helps us to optimize results in the lab before scaling up a product for bulk production. A positive atmosphere along with a highly motivated team forms the backbone of this unit and helps us to overcome challenging situations in new R&D projects. Our aim is to provide customers with innovative and customized solutions leading to long-term partnerships. 

Pilot Plant

The pilot plant is the medium, which enables us to move a new product from R&D level to bulk production. We have a twin 300-liter pilot plant to scale up both, performance chemicals and specialty esters respectively. The pilot plant is well equipped to undertake monomer reactions for performance chemicals, while the other has suitable distillation columns to undertake scaling up of specialty esters.