Company Overview

Esters and Solvents LLP is an ISO certified, Indian chemical company and is one of the leading manufacturers of specialty esters / solvents and performance chemicals.

Esters and solvents LLP was established in 1980 with the aim to fulfill the requirements of the chemical industry by developing and supplying specialty and performance chemicals. We have worked through the years starting as one of the first few manufacturers of specialty esters/ solvents and leather chemicals in the country and have become one of the more reputable chemical manufacturers in the country.

The company has a modern manufacturing facility with a well-equipped laboratory to maintain global quality standards. Our R&D facility possesses the latest equipment in product development and is set up as per international standards. Products can be created keeping your needs in mind and special requirements can be synthesized at our in-house R&D center.

This forms our foundation and helps us to prepare a premium range of products for all our valuable customers.

We are a technology and customer-driven company and enjoy a privileged position in the specialty chemicals industry globally.

With the philosophy of nurturing business relations and promising mutual growth, we have developed a strong presence in the market. Over the years, we have earned the respect and trust of our clients through our constant developmental work in the field of chemical technology.

We are strongly committed to quality which is our utmost priority and we maintain a level of excellence by holding a double ISO certification. As we grow as a company, we believe that we can tackle new boundaries and create and fulfill all your chemical needs. We wish to be a one-stop/global manufacturer of specialty chemicals and will be willing to take any new task which may come our way.

With a track record of four decades of committed excellence and assured efficient services we provide customized solutions to our customers and strive to become a chemical partner in their growth.

Esters and Solvents LLP is an ISO certified, Indian chemical company and is one of the leading manufacturers of specialty esters / solvents and performance chemicals.

Core Values


In all our endeavors, our mission and values ensure compliance to achieve our corporate goals. These have transformed into our seven Pillars of Success and are the essence of Esters & Solvents LLP, which inspires and motivates us to excel.


Employee and channel partners thinking and working together across functions, business and geographies, leveraging the available resources to achieve common goals.


We believe that excellence is the essence in all that we do and strive to perform all our duties with the utmost quality in the timely manner.


Responding to internal and external customers with a sense of urgency by consistent, focussed and accelerated growth of the organisation with timely and optimal utilization of all resources.


We act with the highest levels of integrity, both as an individual and as an organization, on a professional basis.


We vouch to perform all our duties and responsibilities as a professional and as an organization with the highest level of transparency across all our functions.


We offer a variety of highly innovative and customised solutions.


We promise to achieve our goals whilst remaining committed to the interests of our clients.



To become the most reliable Indian chemical manufacturing company and providing one-stop solutions to customers.


To achieve consistent growth along with our customers/ suppliers while ensuring quality, trust, and commitment.

Awards & Certification

The Leader of Chemical Industry

Esters & Solvents LPP is honored at being felicitated for the following awards and certificates. With your support Esters Solvents LPP hopes to continue to receive many more.



Make in India

‘Make in India’ is a term used by us on multiple fronts whether it comes to acquiring and sourcing chemicals and raw materials, producing world class chemicals and leather products and packaging methods along with shipping to various states of India or around the world. We believe truly in the message of ‘Make in India’ as we have indigenous methods of production when it comes to development, research or product creation.

We believe in the governments push to create reforms for the development of chemicals and as a company Esters and Solvents LLP strive to create the right mix and products for your consumption.

Quick stats

  • Seventh largest producer of chemicals worldwide and third largest producer in Asia. (by output)
  • The estimated size of Indian chemicals sector stands at approximately USD 139 billion.
  • Chemicals sector also acts as a key enabling industry and provides support for variety of other sectors like agriculture, textiles, leather etc.

Reason to Invest

  • The chemicals industry is a key constituent of the Indian economy, accounting for about 1.38% of the nation’s GVA (Gross Value Addition) in 2013-14.
  • India’s proximity to the Middle East, the world’s source of petrochemicals feedstock, makes for economies of scale.
  • Strong government support for R&D.
  • Polymers and agro-chemicals industries in India present immense growth opportunities.
  • 100% FDI permitted through automatic route also chemicals sector is delicensed except for few hazardous chemicals.
  • Polymer demand is expected to grow by 8-10% with healthy growth in industries such as clothing, automobiles etc.
  • Chemicals is one of the most diversified in the world, covering more than 70,000 commercial products.

Growth Drivers

  • A global shift towards Asia as the World’s chemicals manufacturing hub.
  • India’s per capita consumption of chemicals in India is lower as compared to western countries, which provides immense scope and opportunities for new investments.
  • Rise in GDP and purchasing power generates huge growth potential for the domestic market.
  • A focus on new segments such as specialty and knowledge chemicals.
  • Globally cost competitive manufacturing.
  • Availability of Skilled professionals with requisite technical knowledge including World-class engineering and strong R&D facilities.